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    Villa Casita

    11 units, purchased in September 2016. Sold September 2018

    Villa Casita was our first acquisition, purchased with one other partner in September 2016. Built in 1962 and located in South Irving, we self managed and brought average rents from $780 to $1050. The property was sold 2 years later in September 2018 for a cash on cash return of 2X.

    Villa La Paz

    77 units, purchased as syndication in November 2017

    Villa La Paz, purchased in November 2017 as a solo syndication by ECCE, is also located in South Irving. Built in 1973, it is comprised of 77 units contained in nine two-story buildings with an average size of 830 sq feet. The clothes care facility is owned by the property. Villa La Paz has already exceeded projected investor returns.

    Maravilla Apartment Homes

    310 units, purchased as a syndication with other general partners in November 2018.

    Maravilla is located in the Bachman Lake area of Dallas, 4 miles from the Love Field Airport. ECCE was a general partner with other general partners. Built in 1967, 310 units are housed within 12 apartment buildings with a separate leasing office and community space. Average unit size is 795 sq ft. There is individual HVAC and hot water in each unit. Amenities include community room, covered parking, pool and soccer field.

    Village at the Crossroads

    200 units purchased as a sole sponsor syndication in August 2019

    Village at the Crossroads is also located in South Irving near the intersection of the 183 and 12 freeways. ECCE was the sole General Partner in this syndication which closed in August 2019. Built in 1970, 200 units are housed within 6 buildings in addition to separate laundry/mail rooms, maintenance shop and office. Amenities include community room, covered parking, pool and soccer field.

  • About Us



    Gary and Heidi Young

    Before moving to Texas in 2008, Gary and Heidi partnered to create and operate a multi-million-dollar medical facility in California which was debt free in 3 years. They transitioned to multifamily investing in 2016, purchasing their first multifamily acquisition in Irving, Texas. The following year in November 2017 they syndicated the purchase of a second property (77 units), again in Irving, Texas. In November 2018 with a general partner team they closed on 310 units, located in Dallas near the Love Field Airport. Most recently, they acquired another 200 units as solo sponsors, again in Irving. Gary and Heidi enjoy giving back. Their vision is to be a catalyst in improving the lives of people within apartment communities by partnering with non-profit organizations.

  • Gary Young



    Gary is a physician specializing in radiation oncology. He reduced his practice to part-time in 2018 to focus primarily on multifamily investing.

    Heidi Young



    Heidi has an MBA and worked in the Beverage Industry. Although she is full time in Multifamily, she has a passion for missions and has served in many countries throughout Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

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  • Non-Profit Partners

  • Children's Hunger Fund

    At Children’s Hunger Fund you can help families in your community, and children around the world. Because of you, people facing extreme poverty will have hope.

    STH Project

    S. Tracy Howard Project was founded on the principles of building lives that produce contributing citizens for our future success. During the summer months they provide nutritious meals to children and teens 18 and younger to communities in need.

    Equal Heart

    Equal Heart is a 501(c)3 nonprofit currently focused on alleviating hunger. They work to expand access to ensure every hungry individual has a daily meal no matter their circumstances.

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